Financial Services

Whether your company is in advising, insurance, or private equity, ConnectOn has a suite of services designed specifically for the financial services industry.


ConnectOn understands the challenges faced by accounting firms, and you can rest assured that we will help you implement the information technology systems you need to run your business efficiently.


With the rapid changes in the healthcare field, a medical facility can’t afford to let their IT go unmanaged. ConnectOn will assist you with any IT need within your medical practice.


We understand the computers that run your office and the ones that run the shop floor. And we can help manage that technology so you get the most efficiency from your workforce.


The construction Industry helps our community grow. ConnectOn can help your business grow by streamlining office operations and making life easier for you.


Non-profit organizations are essential in supporting our communities. ConnectOn delivers cost-effective solutions that fit your budget, allowing you to focus on supporting your community efforts.

Other Industries

If your company doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, no need to worry. ConnectOn is the leader for IT support regardless of industry. We can customize our service offerings to fit any business model.