There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the United States. These organizations are essential in supporting our communities, yet they are challenged with maintaining modern technology due to constrained funding and usually no in-house, dedicated Network Administrator. As an organization, you need technology. As a non-profit, you have to be budget conscious. We understand that balance and can help you achieve that goal.

Of course, no two organizations experience the exact same challenges — that’s why at ConnectOn, we deliver customized IT solutions that fit your budget and allow you to focus on your main priority – making a difference in the community.

Managed Services

You can count on ConnectOn to proactively monitor and manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure, so you and your staff can be more productive and spend more time focusing on the services you offer within the community. With 30 years of managed service experience, we have the skill and resources to keep your systems, networks and devices operating at full capacity 24/7.

Managed IT Services
Data Protection

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

We understand that your organization handles sensitive data that demands the utmost security. Today’s network systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptive forces, from natural disasters and power outages to cyber attacks. Our highly skilled technicians can help you implement rock-solid disaster recovery and business continuity plans to support you and your reputation.

Support & Software Experience

Our highly skilled technicians understand the intricacies of non-profit organizations, specializing in delivering end-to-end technology support in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We will keep your systems, mission-critical applications, network and devices running smoothly and reliably.

Support and Software Experience