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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Is your business protected in the event of a Security Breach, Natural Disaster, Prolonged Power Outage, Hardware Failure, or Abrupt Employment Changes? Failure to protect your business from hardware failures, natural disasters, and even just human error can have detrimental effects on your organization. HiveDR Services with ConnectOn offers your organization much more than your standard backup services. Our team works to understand your business and what matters to you for the purpose of crafting a disaster recovery plan to reduce downtime, quickly restore vital data, and maintain compliance to keep your organization operating. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is a company-wide responsibility and should always be considered a critical aspect of running any business.

Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS)
In-Place Recovery and Virtualization Services
Secure Cloud Recovery and Virtualization Services
Hot / Cold Sites
Disaster Recovery Testing Services
Incident Response
Ransomware Remediation
Flexible Restorations
and more!
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data recovery can take

1 Hours
on average

1 hour of downtime can cost

Small Business

Even small incidents of data loss cost businesses

$18K to $35K

*including legal fees, loss of opportunities, productivity loss, cybersecurity problems, and reputation damage

of small businesses that experience a large data loss incident go out of business within 6 months.