ConnectOn HiveOps

Security Services

We have put together one of the most elite, experienced, and dedicated cyber security teams in the industry to protect your business from threats and vulnerabilities. ConnectOn’s Security Operations Center (SOC) offers around the clock endpoint protection with 24/7 collection and correlation of alerts, user analytics, and suspicious activities to detect potential threats.

In addition to our SOC services, HiveOps also provides:

Next-Gen A/V, End Point Detection and Response (EDR)
SIEM Services, 24/7 Monitoring
Advanced Patching Services- Windows, Mac and Linux
Privileged Access Management
Email Security Services
Compliance and Security Regulations
and more!
Security Services

How’s your posture?

Our vision is that every customer has the strongest cybersecurity posture on the planet.

If you’re like most people, your cybersecurity posture is probably a little bit slouchy. That’s where ConnectOn comes in, we’re here to help you achieve the strongest cybersecurity posture possible.

Straighten up!

That’s right, we’re talking to you. By implementing the best security measures and practices, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a cyber-incident happening in the first place. These security measures also help to comply with industry regulations and standards which can be very important for businesses in regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance.

Get into your Zen

Are business security concerns keeping you up at night? Are you over-whelmed with the daunting task of finding the right MSSP to partner with for all your IT and security needs?

For 40 years ConnectOn has been using our unparalleled combination of business and technology expertise to ensure our clients gain a partner committed to using innovation to drive business success.

With ConnectOn taking care of your security and business continuity needs 24/7, you can relax and get into your Zen. We are watching, monitoring, and ready to respond. You can sleep soundly, we’ve got your back.

Advanced Cyber Security and IT Security Concepts

Advanced cyber security and IT security concepts are essential for organizations that need to protect their most critical assets from sophisticated cyber threats. These concepts go beyond the basics of cyber security, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to address the complex challenges of modern cyber warfare.