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4 Steps to Prepare for the Next Hurricane
Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Important for Every Organization

A Focus on Security and Survivability

ConnectOn is constantly focusing on security and survivability. Florida business owners are familiar with hurricane preparedness efforts, but 2017’s impact from Irma hit too close to home for many. Even if your establishment wasn’t damaged, external factors might have had a direct effect on operations.  For example, internet connections and power outages limited access to servers, email, and other essential business services.

Fortunately, businesses that store data and email in the cloud were able to continue operating from remote locations. Of course, cloud backups do not solve every problem, especially the ability to run machinery in a manufacturing facility, but sales teams and project managers can remain in contact with your customers and provide status updates.

As a result, we are incredibly active in answering questions and implementing solutions in preparation for upcoming hurricane seasons.

Security is another hot topic. Every day there is another report of a data breach, a new type of malware, or a new regulation requiring compliance. We are proactive in creating solutions that combat these threats before they are needed.

Let us know how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.